Monday, March 17, 2008


This is a quick and easy creation, i wish that i had more time to finish it. maybe i'll re-do it sometime..but yeah this is it for tonight!
-Much Love-
Jenna J


In my photo class we had to put words on one of our pictures... i wasnt' sure how it would look. I think its kinda different, but in a way i like it. This was the first Text photo i've ever done, so it's a little.. plain.. but just an example.

Summer Fun..

This was taken in July of 2007. This picture was one of the first pictures i had ever photoshopped with my new photoshop. I love the bubbles. Teegers you so adorble!

Miss Alexis

There are harsh shadows on her face in this picture, but i absolutly how she is so happy, it's not just a SAY CHEESE picture... you can tell she was laughing.

precious baby

I took these for my sister Chrissy. She used one fore the baby announcements , some of you might reconize it. Thanks for looking.
Much Love,
Jenna J

Monday, March 10, 2008

Heart shaped hand prints

This one was taken early in the morning too. (the handprints are in frost)

Iabsolutly love this one, if you didn't notice the hands make a heart shape. It really makes you look at the picture. This picture isn't photoshoped, but i'll have to admit the photoshoped is perfect. i'll try to put it on but for some reason it wouldn't upload.

Rain drop

I took this picture pretty early in the morning. the rain drop was frozen so the lighting hit it perfectly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Fav...

This is one of my most recent favorite. I tried to get the contrast to come out very well and it totaly worked. If you are a freak about photography like i am, notice the sharpeness of the brown needles in the backround abd how some are blury and some are as sharpe as they can get. This picture did not have any photoshop so it's all natural. I'll be putting a coupple more of pictures that i took on this same day on shortly. Thanks for looking everyone!

Baby Pictures

So some of you may have gotten Chrissy's baby anouncements. I took all of those pictures and this one was my favorite out of the bunch. My photoshop is broken so i didn't get to fix the lighting but i still think the natural is beautiful with this beautful girl in it.


So my precious Makynna was wondering around and i captured this picture. I thought it was a kodak moment so i kept it. i'm liking it more and more that i look at it.

Uncovering older photos

It seems that lately i've been incovering a lot of older photography from like october. This was at Makynna and Brooklynnes birthday party. Isn't she just precious.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I just found this...

I took these pictures in the fall. I though they were just beautiful. If you want a print one of these i can print an 8x10 for you and frame it, just contact me.