Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A- Attached Or Single: SingleB- Best Friend:tay and terraC- Cake Or Pie: cakeD- Day Of Choice: Wednesday- Essential Item: cameraF- Favorite Color:GREEN!G- Greatest Accomplishment: exceling in photographyH- Hometown: Mckinleyville, CaI- Indulgences:apples!J- January Or July: July my birthday!K- Kids: none yet.- Life is Incomplete without:Family- Marriage Date: not married- Number of Siblings: 5 Chrissy, Casey, Mikey, Jared and TashaO- Oranges or Apples:APPLES-Phobias or Fears: Death.Q-Quotes: "every artist was an amature at one point"!R- Reason to Smile: makynna is doing well!S- Season: SummerT- Tag five friends: Terra, Tasha, Taylor,Chrissy,Janelle,NatU-Unknown Fact about Me:i'm.. very impatient at timesV- Very favorite store: any art/music store!W- Worst Habit: Falling for boys too fast!X- X-ray or Ultra sound: UltrasoundY-Your Favorite Food: Mexican!!!Z- Your Zodiac sign: cancer