Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've been thinking about pursing photography from the moment I picked up my first camera. I've thought for YEARS about starting my own business and then A couple days ago I was with my sister and it came to me! I'm going to start a unique business, it'll be different and it will be a risk BUT I think it'll do well! Okay so my last post was about why I love photography, all summed up, it's because I like capturing REAL emotion. EXAMPLE of the new business idea: What if I went to a families house or on a hike with them and spent the whole day with there. It would be like any normal day and I would snap photos all day. It would be catching the family in their natural state and the photos would be my signature. I mean when you walk into a house do you see posed photos? YES! Do you see photos that show REAL emotion? Rarely. If I could bring life into portraits then my love for this art would be shared with the everyone that looked at these individuals photos. You all need to tell me what you think! E-mail me at

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Natty said...

you are definitly talented at photography, and I think you should persue it as either a career or justa hobby. But you are good at what you do.